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Introducing the first comprehensive business insurance designed for Web3 companies.
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Vouch Web3 Protection Policy

The first comprehensive insurance solution designed to serve the unique needs of the Web3 economy.

Built for Web3
Secure coverages specifically designed for the risks Web3 companies face.
DAO coverage
Include DAO as a covered entity.
Tailored Protection
Avoid the broad exclusions commonly found in traditional policies that can leave significant gaps in coverage.
Backed by the Best
All coverages are issued and underwritten by a coalition of top carriers and reinsurers. AM Best A rated.

Critical coverages for Web3 technology companies.

Vouch’s Web3 Protection Policy, which was intentionally created for risks unique to Web3 technology companies, is comprised of four core coverages that protect your business from unique risks. They can work standalone and alongside other coverages such as General Liability, Business Property, and more.
Directors & Officers Insurance
Helps protect your company and the personal assets of founders, officers and board members.
Vouch Web3 exclusive
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No broad crypto exclusion.
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Optional: DAO Structure Protection for major token holders.
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Optional: Cover to reduce your defense costs for specific regulatory related and/or intellectual property events.
Claims Example
A company sells NFTs for original artwork from a popular artist. Another artist claims that he created the works sold and sues them for copyright infringement. Vouch’s Web3 D&O Coverage provides a defense to both the insured company and individual insureds against that claim.
Errors & Omissions Insurance
Helps protect your company in situations where your services cause a financial loss to a customer.
Vouch Web3 exclusive
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Optional: Liability coverage for negligent loss of your client's digital assets.
Claims Example
A company is hired to create a smart contract governing the delivery of computer chips. As a result of a coding error, the contract fails to automatically transfer payment despite meeting all other specified criteria. The client is  forced to incur additional expenses and delay in processing the payment. The client sues the company to recover those costs. Vouch’s Web3 E&O Coverage includes the development of smart contracts and blockchain technology and provides both a legal defense and indemnity for an otherwise covered claim alleging negligence in the performance of such services.
Cyber Insurance
Helps cover the cost of data breaches caused by mistakes, hacking and social engineering.
Vouch Web3 exclusive
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No war exclusions.
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Optional: Reimbursement for when your digital assets are stolen through cybercrime
Claims Example
An unknown individual hacks into a company’s computer system, gaining access to their financial accounts. The hacker illegally transfers the company’s Ethereum reserves to another account for the hacker’s own benefit. The company is unable to recover the lost cryptocurrency. Vouch’s Web3 Cyber Coverage pays the company for loss of certain digital assets as a result of Cyber Crime, including the unauthorized access to the insured’s financial accounts.
Crime Insurance
Helps protect your company against employee theft, forgery and fraud.
Vouch Web3 exclusive
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Optional: Reimbursement for when your digital assets are stolen by your employees or software contractors
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Optional: Reimbursement for when your client's digital assets are stolen by your employees or software contractors
Claims Example
A company holds certain operating capital in a cryptocurrency exchange. An employee or software contractor  gains access to the controller's login information and illegally transfers some of the funds to his account. The  company is unable to reverse the transfer. Vouch’s Web3 Crime Coverage reimburses the insured for certain  losses of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. 

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Token Management
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"Upside helps Web3 companies securely launch and manage tokens. Vouch ensures we have the protections we need as a critical partner to our clients, helping us guarantee we'll be there to support their growth in the years to come."
Noah Thorp
Founder & CEO, Upside
Payments Platform
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“Our brand is centered around trust, compliance & security—the right insurance plays a key role in instilling this trust in our customers and partners. Vouch's policies & processes were purpose-built for companies like ours and their ability to quickly analyze and assess our unique needs was unmatched."
Dan Mottice
Co-Founder & CEO, Ansible Labs
DAO Payroll & Expenses
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“At Utopia Labs we have a responsibility to ensure that our users, team, and backers are all protected. Vouch has made it possible for us to get the coverages we need. We believe in Vouch because Vouch believes in us, our mission, and the space as a whole.”
Pryce Adade Yebes
Co-Founder & COO, Utopia Labs
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Jared Klee
Head of SALES
Jared is the Vouch Director of Web3. Before Vouch, he co-founded a blockchain-based fintech startup, and held multiple roles at IBM including leading Digital Assets at IBM Blockchain and founding IBM Watson Risk & Compliance. You can find him on Twitter "@kleebeard" and publishing weekly at Fintech & Finance.
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Conor Dietzgen
Travis Hedge is the co-founder and CRO of Vouch. After seeing first-hand that insurance is failing modern founders, Travis helped start Vouch to support entrepreneurs. Before that, he led Silicon Valley Bank Capital's efforts in regulated industries like Fintech and Digital Health.
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