Top Fintech startups insure with Vouch.

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Better coverage at a lower cost.

Vouch analyzed thousands of startups to create a more accurate risk model for Fintech.

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Alternative lending

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Personal Finance &
Wealth Management

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Real Estate

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Vouch saved us thousands by replacing our policy from a traditional insurer with one designed for a startup like ours.

Calvin Cooper

Founder & CEO


Insurance engineered
for Fintech.

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Move fast and do it right

Fintech is more complicated, regulated, and litigious than your typical startup. Vouch policies include comprehensive protection for emerging Fintech risks that legacy insurers aren’t thinking about. 

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Get insured earlier

Many Fintech startups operate in regulated markets, and can’t launch without adequate coverage. Vouch has been in your shoes and insures earlier, without revenue or payroll, so you can get your product to market faster.

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No startup tax

Are you a lender or marketplace? The answer might be both. Legacy insurers struggle to cover businesses that defy categorization, but Vouch is engineered for you.

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Noah gives homeowners access to equity by investing in their homes.
Insured by Vouch.

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Meet Rajat

Chief Product Officer

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Rajat is making the future of insurance real today: instant coverage powered by an algorithmic underwriting platform. Rajat is a fintech leader that sold his last startup to NerdWallet.