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Insurance Claim basics with Myles.

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Why business insurance is crucial
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Steps in a claim process
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How to get started with Vouch
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Employee Problems Are The #1 Source of Startup Claims

Solve issues before they escalate with Vouch’s Hotline, available 24/7. Get urgent support for contentious departures, claims of harassment or discrimination, and more.

Get three free hours of legal advice
Vouch partners with top law firms like Gordon Rees to offer our clients valuable support.

Deep expertise in tech

Save up to 25%* on out-of-pocket costs
By using the hotline, Vouch will reduce your policy retention (out-of-pocket costs), saving you money, on claims.

*Only if the retention reduction endorsement is active on your policy, where available and approved.


Your partner in your company’s most challenging times.

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Client Advocacy
We treat clients with empathy and integrity during times of crisis. When uncertainty arises, you have direct access to experienced claims experts to get your questions answered.
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Clear Communication
When resolving legal matters, we know that communication is key. Claims managers provide timely, transparent updates, so you never feel like you’re left in the dark. 
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Fair Outcomes
Vouch interprets coverage as consistently and as broadly as possible using a trusted panel counsel with startup expertise, so that you can trust that you are being advocated for at the highest level.
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Expert Counsel
Vouch partners with top-tier attorneys with specialized expertise in each area that our policies cover, such as employment law, IP law, or data privacy and cyber law, so you know you’re in good hands.

What to Expect

Lifecycle of a Claim

Report your claim
Submit your claim at any time through your Vouch account. We will then assign a claims manager to your claim right away.
Your assigned claims manager will call you and give you detailed explanation on how the process works, so you know exactly what to expect.
Coverage analysis
Your claims manager takes a detailed look at your policies and sends you clear documentation explaining how your coverage applies to your claim.
Collaborate on a Defense
For liability claims, we will assist you to retain an experienced lawyer. You, your defense lawyer, and your claims manager will work together to formulate a strategy to resolve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Whether a settlement or a judge's decision, Vouch and our partners will guide you through the process and pay costs associated with the claim up to your policy limits.


Top Law firms we partner with

We’ll partner you with expert defense counsel that specializes in the area of law related to the claim.


3000+ Founders and 500+ Partners trust Vouch.

1000+ Joint Clients
Exclusive Perks
“Vouch is helping startups and tech innovators mitigate their risks as they grow. We are proud to co-lead Vouch’s latest funding round to give startups access to the insurance they need as they add headcount, increase their customer base, or raise funding rounds of their own.”
Greg Becker
President and CEO, SVB Financial Group
150+ Joint Clients
Exclusive Perks
“We partner with Vouch becasue they offer the highest quality business insurance and expert guidance for our early stage startup members. Vouch’s digital COIs are crucial to out founders when quickly securing leased office space.”
Michelle Lastname
Director of Partnerships, WeWork
150+ Joint Clients
Exclusive Perks
“We partner with Vouch becasue they offer the highest quality business insurance and expert guidance for our early stage startup members. Vouch’s digital COIs are crucial to out founders when quickly securing leased office space.”
Michelle Lastname
Director of Partnerships, WeWork
of claims are reviewed by Vouch’s Head of Claims
2 days
Most property claims reimbursed in 2 business days or less
Tech startups trust Vouch for business insurance


Common questions, answered.

How do I report a claim to Vouch?
Claims can be reported to Vouch through your member account by clicking on the “file a claim” tab, or by using this link. A short form will be provided for you to complete, which will give us the information we need to begin the process. Please be sure to add any relevant documentation, such as a police report, or a copy of the demand letter or lawsuit.
What happens after I report a claim to Vouch?
Vouch will work to assign a claims manager to your claim. They will then reach out within 1-2 business days to gather any additional information needed and walk you through next steps.
What is Network Adjusters and what do they do?
Network Adjusters, Inc. is a respected third party administrator (TPA) of claims management services. Vouch chose to partner with Network Adjusters because of their top tier reputation for client services. Vouch has partnered with Network Adjusters to provide the day to day management of claims reported on Vouch policies, with direct oversight from the Vouch Head of Claims. After you report a claim to Vouch, Network Adjusters will assign the most appropriate Claims Manager from their team to work with you on the resolution of your claim.
What does the Claims Manager do?
Your Claims Manager will work with you throughout the life of your claim. The main roles of your Claims Manager is to:
  • Obtain and review all relevant claim information and documents;
  • Conduct a coverage review and explain the coverage determination to you;
  • Retain an attorney to represent you if necessary
  • Communicate claims status updates to you regularly
  • Make claims payments.
How long will it take to resolve my claim?
Some claims can be handled relatively quickly, while others may be more complex and involve the court system. Small claims for damage to, or or theft of, business property are resolved quickly–in most cases within 1 month, and frequently within a few business days. Other claims that involve lawsuits or significant demands require more time to resolve. In those situations, we work closely with you to determine the best strategy to fairly and quickly resolve the claim in the most cost-effective manner.
How will I be paid?
Your claims may be paid via ACH transfer, wire transfer, or paper check depending on your preferences.
What is the process for handling cyber incidents?
In the event of a cyber incident, we have partnered with the law firm Mullen Coughlin as our cyber breach coach. Mullen Coughlin handles more than half of all cyber incidents that are reported to insurance companies in the US. When a cyber incident is reported to Vouch, Mullen Coughlin is immediately notified and will respond to you within 4 hours, 24/7/365. Mullen Coughlin will take the lead in advising you of immediate next steps, including the retention of computer forensic firms, PR firms, notification firms, etc.--all of which have been pre-vetted by Vouch and approved for retention.
What is the process for using the Employment (EPL) Hotline?
Vouch has partnered with a national employment law firm to provide its EPL Clients with fast, free access to 3 free hours of advice navigating employment issues before they turn into claims. Use of this offer is likely to reduce the likelihood of claims being made against you. All you need to do is: 1) submit an EPL Hotline Incident on the "File a Claim or Incident" Form here; or 2) Call the Vouch Hot-line at: 1(844) 488-6728.