So you can focus
on what matters.

Protection from the little things that threaten the big picture.

Why Vouch

Insurance is broken,
especially for startups.

Legacy insurance companies are struggling to adapt to the new business models pioneered by technology startups.

Green Quote Marks
Perhaps you’ve heard a broker say
Sorry, we can’t insure you without revenue. Funding doesn’t count.
CD-Rom Manufacturer
is still 1 of 7 categories insurers use to underwrite technology companies.
Vouch believes

Insurance must be fixed by starting from scratch.

The promise


No more PDFs, long email threads and phone tag with a broker. Vouch is the fastest, most-efficient way to buy and manage insurance for startups from seed to Series C and beyond.

measures of risk

Insurance is expensive when risk is unknown, and legacy insurers don’t understand startups. Vouch has rebuilt pricing from scratch, leveraging only startup-focused data in our proprietary risk taxonomy that is 17x more robust than legacy models.


Legacy policies are confusing, riddled with exclusions, and designed for legacy risks. Vouch has engineered a new suite of simple, customizable business coverages designed specifically for startups.

Shannon Lu - Software Engineer - San Francisco

A photo of Shannon Lu - Our Software Engineer

$160 million raised to date.

Vouch is backed by a broad coalition of Silicon Valley institutions and investors.

A photo of Travis Hedge - Our Co-Founder & VP of Biz Dev
I grew up in an insurance business. Our dinner table was the boardroom.

Travis Hedge

Travis wanted to be a broker, just like his parents, but ultimately pursued a career in Venture Capital. He invested in startups that were changing everything, but were held back by insurance that hadn't changed at all.

A photo of Sam Hodges - Our Founder & CEO
As a CEO, I’ve experienced claims, lawsuits and settlements. I know how important insurance is to entrepreneurship.
Co-founder & CEO


Sam formerly co-founded and led the US arm of Funding Circle, the world’s leading marketplace for business loans. There he experienced the complexity, expense and frustration of legacy business insurance. After leading the company to IPO, he was ready for a new challenge.

The North Star
Vouch was founded to increase the number of startups that succeed.

We aspire to remove chance from the equation, so founders win and lose for the right reasons.

Our first step: fix business insurance.

Can you help us fix insurance?

Join our team of technologists and insurance professionals in San Francisco and Chicago.