Comprehensive business insurance for Life Science startups of any size.

Traditionally, the best Life Science coverages were only available to large companies. Vouch protects your startup from early stage R&D to Commercial Product.
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Research & Testing
Contracted or funded (not-for-profit) research and testing operations.
Digital Delivery
Telehealth, EMR or Healthcare IT technologies, and Personal Online Health Tools or Wearables.
Drugs in various forms that treat, prevent, or cure disease or injury.
Medical Devices
Devices used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or monitor disease.
Health & Wellness
Non-FDA regulated products (e.g., supplements) for quality of life.


Customize your Life Science protection based on your exact risks and company stage

Health and Life Science companies have unique risks. Vouch provides exposure-driven coverages for comprehensive protection.
Exclusive Add-Ons for Health & Life Sciences
Change in Controlled Environment Coverage
if you have perishable property that is prone to spoilage.
Vivarium Coverage
if you are using animals for research and development, breeding, or biological product harvesting.
Clinical Trials Coverage
if you are sponsoring or operating clinical trials.
Medical Malpractice Coverage
if you offer medical treatment advice that may create a medical malpractice exposure.
Specialized Contamination Coverage
if your products are susceptible to contamination by radiation, bacteria, mildew, mold, microorganisms, viruses, or pathogens.
Condemnation of Undamaged Stock Insurance
if certain events don't directly damage something like a pharmaceutical product, but the FDA considers it compromised and condemns it.
Property & Business Income with Extra Expense coverage
if your business shuts down temporarily due to a fire or other covered loss. It helps replace your income and covered expenses like rent, payroll and other financial responsibilities while your property is being repaired or replaced.
Business insurance for life-saving products
Vouch offers specialized Life Science protections and holistic risk management advice to early stage startups. No minimums, transparent pricing, and built to scale as you grow.


Vouch is the modern insurer trusted by innovative Life Science startups.

Our team of advisors, underwriters, claims managers, and specialty brokers are experts–not just in insurance, but in your business.
Scalable coverage from R&D to IPO
No minimum revenue requirements, so even early stage companies can get coverage for the right price.
Exclusive protection
Policies engineered for the specialized risks of Life Science Startups.
Expert guidance
Industry veterans with decades of expertise to help you get the right protections in place and answer all your questions, no matter how small.
A One-stop-shop
All of your policies are managed in one, easy-to-navigate account, so there’s no more confusion about renewal dates, limits, or who to contact if an incident occurs.
Backed by the best
All coverages are issued and underwritten by a coalition of top carriers and reinsurers. AM Best A rated.


Life Science startups experience heightened exposures at an earlier stage.

Case Study
A startup develops machine learning and artificial intelligence software to improve pathology techniques and drive faster, more accurate disease diagnosis. However, during their latest release, a bug in the software prevented several clients of the startup from reliably using the software. The clients filed suit against the startup for financial losses resulting from the error. 
The Vouch E&O policy responds by covering the cost of an attorney to represent the company, and funds settlements with several of the company’s clients.
A startup provides a software platform used by hospitals to manage back-end resourcing. Suddenly, a bug causes a 72 hour outage. As a result, the hospitals cannot access their systems, there is damage to the network infrastructure, and personal health information (PHI) are breached. 
This is an example of a common, complex claim scenario that may trigger multiple coverages, including E&O and Cyber. In this case, the client’s E&O policy covers financial losses resulting from the software failure. Their Cyber policy covers cyber breach response costs as well as business income loss expenses associated with the cyber breach.  
A company develops a tool designed to increase the speed and efficacy of deep tissue biopsies. After successful clinical trials, the company hires a highly experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), who was most recently employed in a leadership marketing role at one of the company’s competitors. The competitor files a lawsuit against the company and the CMO, alleging misappropriation of the competitor’s trade secrets. 
Although there are no merits to the claims, there are still legal costs associated with the lawsuit. In this case, the company’s Vouch D&O policy provides coverage to the company and the CMO by covering the costs of attorneys’ fees to defend against the claim.
Damage to rented event space
A startup providing an online restaurant reservation platform holds its annual holiday party at a rented event space, and an employee accidentally knocks a painting off the wall which cracks the frame. The event space demands that the startup reimburse it for $5,000, the cost to repair the painting.
The general liability portion of the BOP policy covers the cost to repair the painting. A copy of the invoice to repair the frame is enough to reimburse the event space on the same day.
Advertisement alluding to competitor triggers lawsuit   
A consumer marketplace startup is acquired by another player and decides to launch a new advertisement campaign to announce this milestone. In the ads, they try to hint at their main competitor by playing with certain words and expressions that this competitor uses in their marketing. They receive a demand letter from the competitor alleging that their slogan was improperly used in the advertisements.
The claim triggers the personal & advertising injury portion of the general liability policy, which provides cover for the cost of attorneys’ fees and a potential settlement or judgment up to the policy limits.
Driverless vehicle causes accidents
A series C startup makes driverless vehicles for delivery services that operate on city streets and highways. On a busy Friday evening, a brake malfunction causes one of their vehicles to rearend multiple cars at traffic stops, causing significant property damage. A class action lawsuit is filed against the startup on behalf of the owners whose vehicles were damaged.
The products and completed operations portion of the general liability policy provides coverage for the cost of attorneys’ fees to defend the class action, and a potential settlement or judgment up to the policy limits.
Business insurance for life-saving products
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Health Tech
Series A
“Our customers have big insurance requirements. We realized working with Vouch that our prior coverage put us in a very vulnerable position. Vouch gives us the confidence that we’re appropriately covered.”
Justin Barad
MD & CEO, Osso VR
Seed YC W2
“Vouch has amazing customer service. Real people who actually respond intelligently, carefully, and in a timely manner.”
Todd Schurr
Operations, Entelexo Biotherapeutics
Healthcare SaaS
Series B
“It was super refreshing to talk about coverage with insurance advisors who really understood our industry and what we needed. The whole process was nice and simple.“
Zorina Noland
Finance Manager, Element5


Meet our Life Science Experts

Cassidy Szarnicki
Vertical lead
Cassidy has 5+ years experience working with and investing as a Venture Capital investor in Digital Health and Life Science companies, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotech, and broader Health and Wellness companies. Her expertise underscores her ability to assess complex risk landscapes.
Matthew Miller
Matt has been working with Life Science companies his entire professional career. Prior to joining Vouch, Matt worked as a Life Sciences Underwriter at Chubb Insurance. His areas of expertise include Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Supplement/Nutraceutical, Biotechnology, & Clinical Trials companies.

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