Insurance for Venture Firms

Bespoke coverages for tech investors.

Vouch helps protect your firm, your General Partners, and your Limited Partners from risks unique to Venture Capital.
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Dedicated support to assess your firm’s risk
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Competitive rates for your firm and your portfolio
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Trusted by leading VC funds

Protection against risks unique to Venture Capitalists.

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LP risks

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Misappropriation of funds
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Cap Table mismanagement
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Misstatement of fund performance
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Cyber Risks

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Sensitive IP and personal information
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Phishing, social engineering, ransomware
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Funds and transfer fraud
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Portfolio Risks

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Underinsured PortCos
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Board member decisions
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Missed diligence
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Consultation outcome liabilities
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IP infringement
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PortCo bankruptcy
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Employee Risks

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High and variable compensation
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Limited HR Resources

Coverages for Venture Capital Firms

Vouch’s tailored coverages for specialized risks.

General Partnership Liability is a holistic solution to provide protection for the unique structure of VC firms
GPL Insurance Essentials
Directors & Officers
Protection for the firm and the personal assets of founders, executives, and board members.
Errors & Omissions
Protection for when a mistake in your service causes a financial loss to a portfolio company or limited partner.
Outside Directorship Liability
Protection for your partners when they sit on the boards of portfolio companies.
Employment Practice Liability
Protection from allegations of wrongdoing by and between managers and employees.
Additional Recommended Coverages
General Liability
Foundational protection for the basic risks of running a VC firm.
Protection for the cost of data breaches caused by mistakes, hacking and social engineering.
Coverage for employee theft and issues with transfer of funds.
Business Property
Bundled with General Liability to help protect your physical property.
Business insurance for your fund and portfolio companies
With Vouch, there are never any added or hidden fees. Our specialized GPL coverages are built to scale as you and your portfolio grows, so that you’re protected at every stage.


Vouch is the modern insurer trusted by top Venture firms.

Our team of advisors, underwriters, claims managers, and specialty brokers are experts–not just in insurance, but in your business.
Domain Expertise
Insurance veterans with deep knowledge of VC fund structures and investment types, so you can get the right coverages and limits in place based on your risk profile.
Dedicated Account Managers
Your designated insurance advisor is your single point of contact for questions or requests related to your fund or your portcos.
Responsive Client Servicing
Exceptional service with rapid turnaround times, so you can quickly knock insurance off your to-do list.
Holistic Risk Management
Robust coverage for both you and your portfolio companies, so you can trust that you’re being protected from every angle.
Competitive pricing
No hidden or added brokerage fees that can add significant cost without delivering value.


Venture firms and their portfolio clients experience heightened exposures at an earlier stage.

Case Study
A founder of an underperforming fintech company in your portfolio sues you for alleged conflict of interest, claiming that you shared confidential information with another fintech company in your portfolio.
The D&O and E&O coverages within the GPL policy would cover legal fees and settlements, saving the fund and you from personal financial burden.
An LP sues a fund for holding an investment for an improper period of time, causing financial harm, despite representations made about the strategies for managing and divesting from investments.
The GPL policy's E&O coverage covered legal fees and settlements.
A state securities regulator launches an investigation into a VC firm for allegedly collecting excessive management fees without proper disclosure to their LPs.
The GPL policy's D&O coverage covered legal fees related to the regulatory investigation, protecting the VC firm from personal financial burden and allowing them to focus on resolving the issue.
Project management software startup
The CFO of a startup makes an error in the preparation of financial statements that were used in a funding round. A major shareholder investor learns of the error and sues, alleging material misrepresentation.
The D&O policy covers the costs to defend the lawsuit, the settlement, and the investor's legal fees. Because Vouch does not exclude suits brought from major shareholders, this claim is covered, even though the lawsuit was brought by an investor.
Software testing platform startup
A startup that provides software testing tools experiences a breach when attackers are able to take advantage of an error in how the startup built docker images, potentially allowing attackers access to customers’ sensitive data.
The Cyber policy covers the costs for a computer forensic investigation, public relations advice, and claims by customers for the cost to conduct their own forensic investigation.
Billing software startup
A startup sells their invoice and billing software to a client. After using the software, the client learns they have been sending invoices with incorrect amounts to their customers. They allege that the startup made errors in the design and implementation of their software.
The E&O policy covers the costs to defend the allegation. The matter is settled after the startup agrees to a monetary settlement, including the client's legal fees.


Meet our experts

Kevin Watt
Managing Director, Vouch Horizon
Kevin is a Managing Director for Vouch’s Horizon solution. He works with the Venture Capital team to evaluate VC & PE firms’ risks and negotiate with insurance carriers to ensure clients receive the best available terms & conditions and pricing. Kevin has over 12 years of experience with a heavy focus on placing management liability insurance.
Amy Singh
Managing Lead Account Executive
Amy is on the Vouch Horizon team, specializing in Venture Capital, FinTech, and Web3 companies. Amy partners with Vouch clients, evaluating their risk and representing them in the insurance market. Amy's 8-year career experience includes her work on ABD's Life Science Team (now NewFront) and Sequoia Consulting Group's Risk Management Team partnering with clients to place all lines of coverages.
Jared Williams
SENIOR Advisor
Jared serves as the principal advisor for Vouch’s Venture Capital team. He specializes in insurance & risk management solutions for emerging fund managers, institutional VCs, & accelerators/ venture studios. Prior to Vouch, Jared worked as an early-stage venture scout for Hawke Ventures. With over 5 years of industry experience, Jared is well-versed in meeting the needs of tech investors at every stage.
Taylor Spears
Taylor is an Account Executive on the Vouch Horizon team, specializing in Fintech and Venture Capital companies and working to ensure they are adequately protected as they grow and scale. Taylor previously served as the emerging markets practice lead for a local Atlanta brokerage, and prior to that oversaw the small commercial department for TrueNorth. He is passionate about developing unique and comprehensive insurance portfolios to ensure his clients maintain peace of mind.


Common questions, answered.

What is a typical coverage amount?
The industry rule of thumb is $1,000,000 in coverage for every $100M in AUM. We recommend talking to our Insurance Advisors to discuss your firms specific exposure.
How is GPL insurance priced?
Investment focus, LP base, AUM, firm structure, portfolio companies, board seats and other factors all typically play a role in GPL pricing.
How can I get a GPL quote for my firm?
Connect with our team by submitting the questionnaire above, and one of our licensed Advisors will be in touch right away. We’ll work with you to get you the best coverage possible for your firm.
Can Vouch insure my portfolio companies too?
Yes, we offer proprietary coverages that are specially designed for startups. To learn more about how Vouch can help insure your portfolio companies, contact us at

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