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Vouch is transforming the insurance industry. Again.

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Vouch was the company that
made it easy to insure your startup.

With 10 exclusive coverages and a 10 minute application, Vouch now insures more than 4000 startups.

But the purpose of a startup is to grow up.

So for the last two years, we worked with some of the fastest growing startups in our industry. All with complex risks, many spending six-figures on insurance.

We discovered that for late-stage startups, insurance is a ticking time bomb.

75% of insurance programs have critical gaps.

Exclusions for errors related to core business model
$1 million policy limits with $750,000 deductibles
Duplicative coverages that won't pay if other coverage is in place

These companies were at risk of catastrophic claims scenarios.

Attorneys fees stack up as insurers point fingers. Careers on the line as quarters are lost.

Because the insurance industry has given up on keeping up.

Business insurance, as a percentage of the US economy, has declined by half over the last 40 years as incumbents calcify around large, slow-changing markets.

Our industry deserves a new approach to insurance.

For the visionary.  
By the experts.

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Vouch Horizon solves insurance for leaders in Legal, Finance & Ops teams.

Your insurance A-team, today.

Get a dedicated insurance team, 100% focused on your technology sector, for expert guidance on matters of risk management and contracts.

Coverage that actually covers.

Sleep well knowing you have the right amount of the right coverage, so gaps are fixed and you never “lose a quarter” to a preventable crisis.

Guided experience focused on value.

With access to both a curated marketplace of carriers and Vouch’s exclusive coverages, Vouch helps you make informed insurance decisions aligned with a holistic risk strategy.

See the value of Vouch Horizon.

Your Horizon journey begins with a complimentary coverage analysis.

Cut through legalese to truly understand your policies

Discover your major insurance gaps and potential solutions

No fee or commitment, just insight