Top Consumer startups insure with Vouch.

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Better coverage at a lower cost.

Vouch analyzed thousands of startups to create a more accurate risk model for Consumer companies.

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Education Technology

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Media & Entertainment

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Health & Wellness

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Productivity & Utilities

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Search & Research

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VR/AR Content

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The Vouch team made it super easy to get everything in place.

Joseph Woodbury

Founder & CEO


Unique benefits for
Consumer startups.

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Protection for new business models

The consumer space moves fast, and legacy insurers struggle to keep up. Vouch policies provide forward-looking protection. For instance, marketplace startups benefit from generous vicarious liability coverage, which covers disputes between platform participants.

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Product liability at any scale

Many startups struggle to acquire product liability coverage at any cost. At Vouch we've reshaped the risk curves so you’re not penalized for lack of scale. Vouch will do the work to understand your product and issue a policy, even if you’re just getting started.

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Instant adjustments

In Consumer things can change overnight. Add and adjust coverage and limits between terms as your requirements change. Deliver updated Certificates within 24 hours.

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Neighbor is a peer-to-peer self-storage marketplace.
Insured by Vouch.

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We needed a very specific combination of coverages to protect our business. The team at Vouch was beyond helpful — they walked me through all of our requirements and put together a custom program.

Max Levinson

Business Operations Manager

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Meet Rajat

Chief Product Officer

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Rajat is making the future of insurance real today: instant coverage powered by an algorithmic underwriting platform. Rajat is a fintech leader that sold his last startup to NerdWallet.