Top Enterprise startups insure with Vouch.

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Better coverage at a lower cost.

Vouch analyzed thousands of startups to create a more accurate risk model for Enterprise.

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CRM, ERP, HR, etc.

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Cloud Infrastructure

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Cyber Security

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Developer Tools

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Marketing & Ad Tech

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Industrial IOT

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VR/AR Software

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So glad we switched over to Vouch. Having one interface for our insurance makes our lives much easier.

Michael Coates

Founder & CEO

Altitude Networks

Insurance engineered
for Fortune 500 contracts.

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Say yes with confidence

Vouch recommends right-sized coverage, but for some customers that’s not enough. Tailor your coverage to meet challenging contract requirements, without penalty. Vouch understands that sometimes a 3-person startup needs $5 million in coverage to close a deal.

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Increase coverage as you scale

Instantly add and adjust coverage and limits between terms as your requirements change. Deliver updated Certificates of Insurance to customers and prospects within 24 hours. 

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Backed by the best

All coverages are issued and underwritten by a coalition of top carriers and reinsurers.

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Altitude Networks protects cloud data from sharing and theft.
Insured by Vouch.

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Vouch actually understands what we do, and we didn’t have to jump through hoops to get covered. We purchased a policy in minutes, got a great price, and now have coverage that will grow with our company.

Kyle Mack



A photo of Rajat Kongovi - Our Chief Product Officer

Meet Rajat

Chief Product Officer

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Rajat is making the future of insurance real today: instant coverage powered by an algorithmic underwriting platform. Rajat is a fintech leader that sold his last startup to NerdWallet.