Because lives are on the line.

Vouch insures seed-stage and
venture-backed technology startups.

And startups that defy categorization

Top Digital Health startups insure with Vouch.

Better coverage at a lower cost.

Vouch analyzed thousands of startups to create a more accurate risk model for Digital Health.


Health Tech

Connected Self

Wellness Tech



Our customers have big insurance requirements. We realized working with Vouch that our prior coverage put us in a very vulnerable position. Vouch gives us the confidence that we’re appropriately covered.

Justin Barad


Osso VR

Insurance engineered
for Digital Health.

Move fast and do it right

Lives are on the line in digital health, making things more complicated, regulated, and litigious than your typical startup. Vouch policies are designed with your unique regulatory and data challenges in mind. 

Increase coverage as you scale

Instantly add and adjust coverage and limits between terms as your requirements change. Deliver updated Certificates of Insurance to customers and prospects within 24 hours. 

A+ rated & admitted

Your customers require insurance because they don’t want to take extra risk on a startup. Vouch policies are fully admitted (insurance lingo for your state’s guarantee) and re-insured by MunichRe (the largest reinsurer in the country). Your customers can break out the rubber stamp.

Osso VR is a surgical training platform. Insured by Vouch.

With Vouch, we were able to get the exact coverage we needed without weeks of paperwork — and get the peace of mind that comes with being properly covered.

Lance Hydrick


ShiftHealth (YC S19)

Meet Rajat

Chief Product Officer

Rajat is making the future of insurance real today: instant coverage powered by an algorithmic underwriting platform. Rajat is a fintech leader that sold his last startup to NerdWallet.

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