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Vouch Raises $90 Million in New Funding and Launches Insurance Carrier

Travis Hedge
John Wallace
Chief Insurance Officer

2021 has been a big year for Vouch: today we announce $90 million in new funding, that we are a licensed insurance carrier, and the go-to insurance provider for the startup ecosystem. What does this mean for Vouch clients and how will it help startup founders going forward?

The decision to become an insurance carrier was directly informed by the needs of our startup clients. Vouch now backs our own insurance policies, alongside world-class reinsurance partners. This strengthens our ability to deliver insurance policies that cover the unique risks of startups for founders, employees, investors, and the partners that rely on them. 

Operating climates have changed and so have the risks startups face. In response, Vouch has developed a broader range of insurance coverages and invested in our technical capabilities to better serve startups and our partners, including:

  • Work From Anywhere coverage—Vouch has launched Work From Anywhere insurance, which can insure property owned by a startup regardless of location.
  • Broader cyber coverages for tech companies—We now offer Cloud Cover, an enhanced coverage for business outages caused by cyberattacks. At the same time, we’ve also developed more comprehensive cybercrime coverage, which can cover losses due to fraud.
  • Comprehensive coverages for early to mid-stage startups—Vouch has expanded its underwriting capabilities to serve companies as they scale: from idea to IPO. 
  • Embedded insurance—Vouch is developing embedded insurance to partner with startup leaders to make buying insurance more accessible for customers. 

We want to thank our clients and partners for all of their support. Because of you, we are able to take the next step in our mission to crafting the best business insurance for those building the future.


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