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Vouch Launches in Florida and Washington

Travis Hedge

Vouch is now live in Washington and Florida. Thank you to everyone who attended the live Acquired Podcast at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington, last night and who celebrated this significant moment with us. It’s an honor to be the insurance provider of tech and to better serve startups in the fastest growing hubs of innovation

Vouch was founded to help increase the amount of startups that succeed. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a 25x increase in our client base, and we currently protect over $11.2 billion in risk across thousands of policies for our clients, including Osso VR, Pipe, Middesk, Neighbor, and Routable. Additionally, we are proud to be the preferred business insurance provider to the customers of Silicon Valley Bank, Brex, Carta, and WeWork. Last year, Vouch also announced our launch of an insurance carrier, and we’re the first insurtech to insure startups and launch our own carrier.

Our expansion into Washington and Florida marks a major milestone in Vouch’s growth, making our services available to states with 97% of venture-backed startups nationwide. As the startup landscape continues to change and evolve, so do the risks that tech companies are facing as they scale.

So what does this mean for Vouch clients and the next generation of startup leaders?

  • From seed to scale, Vouch can partner with your company to ensure that you have the right insurance coverage as you add headcount, office locations, and customers
  • Access to coverages exclusive to Vouch that evolve with the specific needs of tech companies as they grow
  • The ability for all your business insurance policies to be consolidated and managed in one place

The energy we’ve seen from founders and investors in Washington and Florida has been truly inspiring. It reminds me of the culture I found when I first moved to Silicon Valley: excited, busy, and full of optimism. When I’ve shown startup operators used to dealing with insurance in PDFs how they can get covered in minutes on their phone? That reaction is why the hard work of starting a company is worthwhile.

If you’re a startup operator in Washington or Florida, we can recommend tech-tailored coverage for you here in as little as 8 minutes. We look forward to insuring your startup as it scales from coast-to-coast.


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