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that adapts as you grow.

As you move along your startup journey, your risks will evolve and your stakeholders will change. Vouch ensures you stay ahead of new risks with access to the appropriate coverages and specialists.
Seed to Series A
Series B to Exit
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Learn why Vouch is the best insurance for early stage technology startups.
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The Start
You, your cofounders, and your big idea.
In the early days, risk management is not top of mind. And that’s okay–Your biggest risk is whether you get into YC. We get it.
Risk management in the early days was not top of mind.
Seed Funding
Your startup is real.
And in the moments between chasing customers and iterating on your MVP, you’re choosing the tools and partners that comprise your “startup stack”, like payroll, corporate cards, and yes, business insurance.
First Hires
It’s time to build.
Time to hand-select the team that’s going to get you to your first product launch. Even with a team you trust, expanding beyond the founders means that new risks related to employment litigation are introduced.
Product Launch
Getting customers on board.
Things are getting real! Your product is out there, and you have paying customers relying on you. Now is the time to make sure you’re covered for situations caused by an error or vulnerability in your product.
Office Lease
Building a collaboration space.
For many companies, in-person collaboration is irreplaceable. Whether it's a WeWork or a longer lease, this is a good time to check your lease requirements and make sure your General Liability coverage is sufficient.
How Vouch can help you: Instant COIs, a certificate of insurance can be useful in many situations.
Instant COIs
There are many reasons you may need a Certificate of Insurance. Customers, lenders, investors, and even landlords often want to see proof that you meet their insurance requirements. You can download a COI from your Vouch Account any time.
Vouch and Wework, thousands of Wework clients join the Vouch network every year receiving 5% discount.
Did you know that Vouch partners with WeWork? Hundreds of WeWork clients join the Vouch network every year, and those who do receive a 5% discount.
First Renewal
Looking ahead to next year.
If your business hasn’t changed much, renewing your insurance may be as simple as re-filling your application and clicking submit. But if you’ve grown or pivoted, you should chat with your account manager about whether to update your coverages.
How we can help: Talk to an expert - before any big milestone or major pivot, it is a good idea to check with your account manager.
Talk to an expert
It’s helpful to check in with your Account Manager before any big milestone or major pivot. You should also touch base prior to budget planning and a month or two before your renewal date.
Accelerating Growth
Getting ready to scale.
You’ve got traction, now it's time to convince additional investors that you're ready to ramp up. Series A investors will usually require D&O coverage before closing, but having policies in place proactively can make your company more appealing.
Series A
Proactive risk management strategy.
Now is when risk management gets a bit more “hands on”. The stakes are higher, and more finances are at risk. You may choose to delegate insurance responsibility to a leader with operations or risk management experience.
Vouch Horizont means a deeper partnership with Vouch and access to industry-specific risk specialists.
Welcome to Vouch Horizon!
Time to meet your Vouch Scale Team. At this stage, ownership of your account will likely transition to a dedicated Scale account manager. This means a deeper partnership with Vouch and access to industry-specific risk specialists to ensure that you’re taking a proactive approach towards risk management.
Large Customer
Landing your first whale.
Big clients come with high expectations–especially if they’re used to partnering with established companies. Customers often have their own insurance requirements, so you should review your policies to make sure they’re aligned.
Advisor contract reviews: talk to your insurance advisor about what limits and coverages make sense for your business. Sometimes customer requirements can be unreasonably high.
Advisor Contract Reviews
Sometimes customer requirements can be unreasonably high. Talk to your insurance advisor about what limits and coverages make sense for your business. We’ll help you review the requirements and, if necessary, even work with your lawyer as they negotiate the contract.
Series B, C, & Beyond
Accelerating the Momentum.
You've achieved product-market fit and it's time to scale. Risk management becomes more complex as your company grows, so ensure your Vouch Insurance Advisor is connected with your expanding risk team.
Talk to an expert: Reach out to your Account Manager expert at the 'celebrations' moments.
Talk to an expert
Reach out to your Account Manager at the “celebration” moments. This includes revenue, fundraising, hiring, and product milestones.
First Claim
Weathering the storm.
Of course, you never know when it will happen, but by this stage there’s a good chance you’ve experienced your first claim, whether it’s a broken laptop or an employee lawsuit.
Rapid incident response: Vouch is your first point of contact when an incident occurs.
Rapid Incident Response
Vouch should always be your first point of contact when an incident occurs. We’ll partner with you and your attorney to develop a plan to resolve your claim successfully, whether that means settling or litigating. And if you don’t already have an attorney, we’ll even connect you with a qualified law firm.
Managing Unique Risks
Building a more tailored package.
There are many reasons why you may need specialty insurance. Perhaps you need coverage for specific risks like Warehouse Management Liability or Medical Malpractice Insurance. Or maybe you need a more comprehensive program with higher limits.
Vouch Specialty
Vouch’s in-house brokerage team has full access to the same market as a traditional broker, so you can get custom or unusual coverages with a best price in the market.