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When Does My Startup Need Insurance?

Michelle Threadgould
Vouch Editorial

As your startup grows, so does your risk. Business insurance for startups helps entrepreneurs protect their investors, customers, employees, property, and their company from liability and lawsuits. But what type of insurance do you need, when, and why? Below, find out the most common types of insurance for every stage of your business growth. 

Closing a Round

Whether you’ve raised a seed round or your Series A, investors often require that you limit their liability. Common types of insurance required by investors are:

Signing Customer Contracts

When you acquire new customers, they depend on your product. Should it fail or have down-time, your company could be responsible for financial damages your product may have caused. You are also required by law to protect your customer data and their personally identifiable information. Depending on your industry, here are the types of insurance you may need:

Hiring Employees

As your startup scales, so does your team. In order to help protect your company and workforce in the event of a wrongful termination claim, workplace harassment claim, wage and hour disputes, an accident, or an illness, you need these types of insurance in place: 

Signing a Lease or Financial Account

If you’re signing a business lease, starting a business banking account, or requesting a business loan, banks and landlords typically require insurance that protects your property, your business, and their liability. These are the types of insurance required by both institutions:


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May 19, 2022
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