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Tasha Matheson
Vouch Head of Claims

Most founders dread filing an insurance claim, and with good reason.

On average, filing a claim with traditional insurers can take founders weeks, require paperwork, proof of receipts, photographs of damage, and lengthy back and forths between insurance brokers, insurance companies, and third party vendors. On top of that lengthy process, startup founders may have to wait months to receive funds for their claims. When you are building a startup from the ground up, what founder can spend months on such a bureaucratic process? 

At Vouch, we understand the value of our customer’s time, and we’ve streamlined the insurance claims process accordingly. Recently, one of our customers experienced a broken laptop. Within 20 hours of receiving a picture of the damaged laptop and payment instructions, the reimbursement arrived in our customer’s bank account. How? We have a dedicated team of claims representatives who don’t require founders to jump through hoops to receive payment. Has a team member damaged a laptop and you have business and property insurance? Just take a photograph of the damaged property, upload the receipt of the replacement, and let us know the best way to transfer the funds directly into your account. 

That’s it. No middleman, no hassle. Our customers talk directly to the person handling their claim, and Vouch is committed to doing right by our customers. Do you have a question about filing a claim? If so, reach out to claims@vouch.us and we’ll help you resolve your issue as soon as possible. 


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May 19, 2022
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