Vouch Raises $90 Million in New Funding and Launches Insurance Carrier

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Vouch insures seed-stage and venture-backed technology startups.

And startups that defy categorization

Lowering risk. Raising the bar.

10 critical coverages purpose-built for tech.

General Liability

Foundational protection for the basic risks of running a startup.


Injuries occurring on your premises

Injuries or damages caused by your offering

Accusations of libel or slander


Coworking space

Office lease

First customer


Damage to property or office


Work-related employee driving


Business Property

Bundled with General Liability to protect your physical property.


Loss, damage or theft of property like laptops and furniture

Damage to rented office space


Coworking space

Office lease

Directors & Officers

Protects the personal assets of your founders, officers and board members, and protects your startup from lawsuits associated with their decisions.


Actual or alleged wrongful acts in the management of your startup

Omissions and misstatements in disclosures

Misuse of company assets


Equity financing

Board formation


Cap table disputes

Claims of intellectual property 
theft or infringement

Errors & Omissions

Protection for when a mistake in your product causes 
a financial loss to a customer or partner.


Product failures, bugs and outages

Failure to meet contractual obligations

Negligence and poor workmanship 


Product testing

Product launch

Get more from your coverage.

What to expect when you experience a claim:

Dedicated in-house digital support from start to finish

24-hour turnaround for property claims under $10,000.* 

Top-rated attorneys with expertise in startup litigation

Payment or reimbursement for all covered legal expenses and settlements

* Some limitations apply.

Tasha Matheson - Head of Claims - Chicago


Comprehensive and customizable protection for the cost of data breaches caused by mistakes, hacking and social engineering.


Individual or class-action allegations of identity theft

Coverage for your customer data and data stored on behalf of clients

Covers costs for forensic analysis, ransomware payments, customer notification, settlements, and credit monitoring


Collection of any sensitive data

data at scale

Mission-critical infrastructure

Practices Liability

Protection from actual and frivolous allegations of wrongdoing by and between managers and employees.


Improper hiring practices

Retaliation and wrongful termination

Discrimination based on age, gender, race, etc.


Third-party liability for claims made by non-employees like customers

Wage & Hour Defense Costs (subject to policy T&C’s)


First hire

Fiduciary Liability

Protection for mistakes in the management of employee benefit plans.


Breach of Duty in managing your benefit plans

Communication mistakes resulting in loss of benefits

Mistakes in computing or administering benefit plans

Transaction errors resulting in losses from unintended market exposure


Employee 401k


Protection from employee theft, forgery and fraud.


Employee dishonesty resulting in losses

Crimes of forgery or alteration

Losses that happen outside your business premises


5+ employees

Financial data

Physical inventory

Need special protection?

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Workers Compensation

Boutique coverage for uncommon risks

Policy adjustments to meet special requirements

John Wallace - Chief Insurance Officer - Chicago

Insurance is all the same. Until it's not.

More coverage,
less exclusions

Vouch policies are simple, readable and honestly summarized.

Backed by the best

Vouch is backed by a coalition of carriers and reinsurers with strong and consistent financial ratings.

Trusted claims

Insurance facilitates trust between counterparties. We treat all participants with integrity, regardless of which side of the claim they’re on.

All your coverage
in one place

Manage and upgrade your policies from your Vouch account. 

Instant COIs

Generate Certificates of Insurance and add Additional Insureds instantly for most coverages.

Continuously updated

Vouch coverages are regularly updated to expand protections and mitigate new risks.

Meet Myles

Insurance Advisor / Partnerships

Myles is a licensed insurance professional that specializes in technology risks. He joined Vouch to spend less time selling and more time solving problems. Vouch Insurance Advisors are incentivized to get you the right coverage, not the most coverage, based on your exact needs.

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